Grupo Busca is an "Integrated Incubator", for Identifying, creating and operating successful consumer oriented companies. Founded in August 1994, it currently now has several businesses in various stages of development.

Grupo Busca Currently is Focused in 3 main areas of business. Writing Instruments, Golf and Consumer Sporting Goods. In addition Grupo Busca Capital, provides a great variety of resources to help new and developing companies get the capital infusion required for their launch. Resources include: Office space, network infrastructure, hardware, and consulting services required to the development of the business plan. Among them we have, Technology development, Graphic Design, marketing, legal and financial services. Grupo Busca also provides these new companies strategic advice on strategy and branding.

Our mission is to develop and grow individual ideas into highly focused, and successful consumer based businesses. Grupo Busca believes that in order to succeed in the very fast changing and competitive markets, companies must achieve rapid speed of execution by having access to services, capital, support and knowledge of individual and organizations with extensive experience in starting up companies. Grupo Busca combines the speed and versatility of a small and entrepreneur style company, with the wisdom of a much larger organization -- sharing these benefits with the operating companies.

Grupo Busca is a privately held company. Our investors include, mayor financial institutions, private investors and company directors. People interested in investing in Grupo Busca should contact:
Please provide us with a brief financial background of your company or your self, and what are your spectations of your investment.

Grupo Busca currently employs about 155 people, and is located in Mexico City premier business district. This allows us to attract some of the most talented and ingenious people in our industry.
We are always looking for smart people to join our team. Please contact:

Grupo Busca SA de CV
Paseo de la Reforma 2620,
Piso 3 Mexico D.F. 11950
Tel: (52) 55 -5261-0840
Fax: (52) 55- 5261-0888